First post, new blog

First post of a new blog tends to be the most aspirational. But knowing my habits, it'll fall off after a while. I'm starting this blog to track some of my crypto exploits as well as, hopefully, some development discussion in the crypto space.

I've held crypto in various forms for quite a while. I missed the Bitcoin crazy train, held a small amount of mined Litecoin in a wallet long lost, mined Sumo and some Monero. I've held Ethereum now for a while as well as use Brave for browsing (and stockpiled BAT). I did, at one time, hold a bunch of ARK. However I've sold all of that off after a couple of years of slow momentum in the community.

And now I'm exploring the weird world of DeFi, Dapps and whatever other innovative, but prone to failure, projects might arise.