Slow processing + high fees

One of my biggest gripes with Etheruem is the gas model. I understand miners have to get paid but the design of Ethereum seems pointed towards a system where the limitations of the current v1 protocol come at the expense of those who want to transact on the platform but have meager holdings to do it with. With DeFi booming - the increased demand, the higher the price to transact.

It is almost to the point of being absurd. Want to try out that shiny new DeFi app? You need to open a vault or container - it'll cost you a couple bucks here. Then a couple bucks there. Want to buy 20 BAT with ETH tokens (about $5USD), it'll cost you $5.02USD in gas fees (over 100%). 

Dapp makers are screaming, shouting and marketing their pants off to attract users. But ultimately, they're really speaking to people with deep pockets who can afford to take on the risk of using their apps along with the currency conversion risks.

If you don't wan't to put significant capital at risk and test the waters, you're essentially at a disadvantage. 

I don't necessarily fault the miners. A dynamic fee system is ultimately beneficial in the overall scheme of things. High prices don't necessarily mean greed. Far more often, it means scarcity of a resource. And that resource, in my naive eyes, is Ethereum's throughput.

Hopefully this will be addressed with Casper (Ethereum v2). But I have a feeling the implementation is going to take a bit longer. While Ethereum has made good progress, the longer it takes means an upstart might not be too far off in the distance, capable of moving faster than Ethereum.