Something Fishy

I began seeing a few ads pop up on am mining pool I'm involved with that started to set off a few alarms... If anyone else has seen ads for Aurora Mine Ltd. you may wish to proceed with caution.


Initially the premise is confusing. They offer:

  • "100 GH/s" free for registering
  • up to 16.7% of your investment daily
  • Return on investment within 10 days

In the example they provide, they show the base purchase of $6.50 / 500 GH/s returns .65 or 10%:


The period isn't entirely clear. In the following screenshot, it makes it sound like you're earning 10% per day:


Why I throw out caution is that these types of returns are implausible, if not impossible to achieve while mining Bitcoin. Based on calculations at at current rates - 500 GH/s returns ~$.03 per day. How is this mining group turning out 20X the realistic return of mining Bitcoin?

Still not fishy smelling enough? How about this:


Looks like a fairly professional team. I wanted to do some digging. Based on the details provided on the Aurora site, I hopped over to the UK companies list for Aurora Mine and found the officer listings for the company:


Harvey Brown. Harvey Brown is 20 years old. Harvey doesn't look like a 20 year old based on the photo on the website...

So I took Harvey's pic, trimmed it and ran it through a Google Image Search:



I wasn't able to find any hits on Aiden or John. But it isn't too far of a reach to assume these images are stock photos as "Harvey" and "Nicole" are.

Another note - the official government registration lists one shareholder (Harvey Brown). Funny that the co-founder, John, listed on the website isn't even a shareholder of the company.

So let's take a look at the registered address from the government site:

(google maps link)

Ok, maybe this is a work from home gig. But I'd think a company running multiple datacenters might have more formal digs. I'm willing to wager that there's some poor, unsuspecting person living at this address with no idea it is being used to run a Bitcoin scam.

Note: this is all publicly available information based on registration information provided to the UK government when registering.

It doesn't look like I'm the only one with concerns: - French

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